Tree Services Gold Coast

Trees are one of the more important aspects of your home.

They take up a large proportion of the exterior and, therefore, plays a crucial role in terms of the appearance of your home.

Poor quality or deteriorated tree limbs also lead to roofing damage, compromising the entire structure of your house.

“We are very pleased with our Gum Tree trimming results, our home is now safe from storm damage.”

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Professional Tree Services Gold Coast :

  • You need a really professional tree service, that accounts for all small details of a property. That is why you need to give our team a call, at ‘Tree Services Gold Coast’.
  • We are highly qualified and very experienced, and have performed hundreds of tree trimming and tree removals on the Gold Coast. Our tree services checklist identifies the full scope of the tree maintenance to be performed.
  • Trees that are stressed, diseased, infected or damaged beyond saving, can often cause more harm to life and property, hence we will always there to provide tree services that match Australian standards and to do what is right for the tree or the life surrounding it.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our clients by offering professional tree clearing services at a cost-effective price.
  • We are a team of tree arborist experts that are known for our quality work. Along with offering reasonably priced services, we use the latest tree lopping equipment. For a thorough service of your property, we always offer a first class job.
  • Our tried and tested tree maintenance methods make sure that all workmanship is to industry standards and beyond.
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Question : Is Your Tree Servicer Experienced, Licensed, and Insured?

It is of paramount importance to appoint a tree service company that is completely insured. You must be aware that tree care is a hazardous job therefore you must ensure that the arborist you hire have liability insurance in case of any unforeseen situations or injuries. An ideal company takes good care of its employees as much as their clients.

Question : “What are the options for your tree?"

Caring for trees is what an arborist does. After inspecting your tree, he can then tell you honestly whether it needs pruning or trimming or another form of treatment. In dire cases, when your tree is damaged or diseased beyond help, it may be cut instead.
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Question : Can they provide a detailed quote?

The tree company should be able to give you an estimate. The estimate will be an approximation of the job costs, based on the information you give them. Ask how much stump removal will cost. Sometimes tree removal companies do not include this in their price. Always find out what’s included as part of the tree removal or tree cutting service fee.

Question : How will they do the tree job?

The first thing your tree services contractors will want to do is take a look at the tree so they can assess what needs to be done. At this point, they’ll probably recommend a particular service, based on what will be most helpful and least damaging. We will always inform you other options, so you can ensure you’re happy with the results.

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Question : How to Decide What Services are Needed?

  • What’s the best way to save my tree?
  • Who is the tree services contractor?
  • What are the potential hazards?
  • Does the tree contractor supply a written Guarantee?
  • What does the future look like for your tree?
  • Is satisfaction guaranteed?

Question : What is the Price Structure?

Make it a point to clarify the price structure followed by the tree service company. If the charges suit your budget, you can go ahead. We offer quality tree solutions at cost-effective rates & certainty. Our arborists don’t mind explaining to you how they will trim or cut your trees steps.
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Question : Do they handle the cleaning up?

If there are large branches removed or a lot of smaller ones, you’ll be left with a considerable amount of wood. Ask if they will take it away for you, so you don’t have to find a way to move and clear it yourself. If you want to keep the wood for composting or seasoning for firewood, we can leave it behind. You need someone who can execute the task of stump removal to absolute perfection.

Our Tree Services Guarantee :

‘Tree Services Gold Coast’ has been built on the foundations of quality workmanship, honest advice and delivering what we promise.