Tree Services Gold Coast

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Lopping
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Mulching
  • Tree Stump Grinding
  • Palm Tree Trimming
  • Green Waste Removal
  • Storm Damage Assistance
  • Body Corporate Tree Services
  • Strata Management Tree Services

Tree Service Gold Coast - Our Services

We Maintain Trees for Townhouse Complexes, Homes, Hotels, Clubs, Offices, Factories, & Businesses.

  • At ‘Tree Services Gold Coast’, we’re proud to be the region’s trusted team of professional tree maintenance experts.
  • Our Professional Tree Services will ensure your ‘peace of mind’ & guarantees a safer, healthier garden environment.
  • With over 25 years of industry experience, we service homes, & businesses all over the Gold Coast, & we look forward to welcoming you.

Tree Removal Services

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5 Star Service

Tree Trimming Services

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Tree Lopping Services

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Tree Pruning Services

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Green Waste Removal

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Palm Tree Services

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Stump Grinding Services

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Mulching Services

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We Provide a Wide Range of Tree Services on the Gold Coast

Including Commercial & Body Corporate Tree Maintenance Services

  • Servicing Entire Gold Coast
  • Honest Accurate Advice
  • 25 Years Experience
  • Minimum Disruption to you
  • Commitment to Safety
No job is too big or too small, our team performs the full range of tree services.
  • Professional, Safe, Efficient
  • Tree Maintenance Experts
  • Complete Cleanup
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Fully Insured
We offer all aspects of tree pruning & trim, for the health & well-being of your trees.
  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Integrity & Value
  • Affordable Prices
The right tools, equipment & machinery to perform the work quickly & safely.
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The Range of Business Services We Provide

Our business services come with a guarantee - so you know your property will receive a 5 Star Service

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Benefits of Using 'Tree Services Gold Coast'

  • Job done properly, & on time
  • Supply of wood chippings ‘free mulch’
  • Reliable & experienced staff members
  • Time saving & value for money service
  • Fully insured & police-verified professionals
  • Compliant with REIQ tree services checklists
  • Experienced & trustworthy tree services team
  • Adherence to the ‘Arborist Industry Standards’
  • Tailor made tree ongoing maintenance packages
  • Quality workmanship, honest advice & honest prices
  • Free no obligation detailed quotation & tree inspection

Why Choose Us for 'Tree Trimming Gold Coast'

At ‘Gold Coast Tree Services’, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. When booking your tree maintenance, we offer a time that is convenient for you & guarantee that our service will start at the time we promised it would. We will do the job right, and on time.

  • Our tree maintenance services are budget-friendly
  • State-of-the-art tree maintenance equipment is used
  • Services are fully insured & come with a ‘100% guarantee’
  • Large or small stump removals, & stump grinding services
  • Our tree technicians are extremely experienced & highly skilled
  • ‘Industry Standard’ safety gear is strictly used on all services jobs
  • Free reports & assessments available on all tree types in Australia

Trees that are stressed, diseased, infected, or damaged beyond saving, can cause harm to human life and property, therefore we will always strictly provide tree services that meet ‘Australian Standards’, & we will do what is right for the tree & the animal life bordering it.

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Tree Services Gold Coast

Tree Removal

We all love trees, but a dying tree is not safe for a residential or a commercial property. It can pose a threat to the people & property around.

Tree Trimming

If a tree is growing towards the roof or footings of your house, it may pierce through the roof or the foundations if not taken care of in time.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning reduces the possibility of storm damage & of tree disease. Pruning of young trees delivers mature trees of better quality.

Tree Mulching

Mulch can be used in gardens, around your home and on driveway verges, helping to suppress weeds and improve the long term retention of water in the soil by a reduction in the evaporation rate.


Palm Tree Maintenance

Dead & dying palm fronds can be removed along with all palm seed pods, & the crown can be reshaped to give a clean, natural look. Your garden will also be easier to keep clean without seeds & fruit constantly falling.

Tree Stump Grinding

Our state of the art machinery for stump grinding makes removing your tree stumps easy. Stumps are ground based & the tree grindings can be left to be put on your garden or removed from your property.

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Happy ‘Tree Services Gold Coast’ Clients Testimonials

A block of 8 units and we were very happy with the service and everything was done very well and no rubbish was left behind. Large job was done very well. Very happy with the results. Gold Coast Tree Service did a great job of clearing our overgrown trees. Very clean removal of trees.

Kathlene RutherfordMudgeeraba

Had three palm trees removed from my property, as the leaves and fruit kept dropping into the pool. He was lovely, friendly, on time, and left the property clean and tidy. Very good in what they do and always good to communicate with.

Loraine HoltRunaway Bay

They have done an awesome job and are also neat and tidy. Left the yard looking beautified. I’m pleased with the great work they have done. Great service - chopped out very difficult trees - cleaned up everything afterwards. Good service, good price, and safe work practice. Friendly, efficient and prompt .

Pam MarriotHelensvale

Gold Coast Tree Services cut down our huge tree out in our front garden whilst we were at work. There was no mess left and no other plants damaged. You wouldn't have known he had been except for the missing tree. Would thoroughly recommend his services. Did a great job, very professional and the price is good. Very friendly.

Gladice PittsVarsity Lakes

He was amazing and he only took $150, because of how easy it was to cut the tree. He also cleaned the mess he made with very good equipment. He was reliable in driving his big truck into our small backyard.

Jenny LoveSouthport

Came and chopped down an old gum tree and did it all in a safe and controlled manner. They even shredded all the branches and stumps on site and cleaned up the area in a professional manner. The work was very safe and neat, no damage done to the brick paving side fence or shed. Good job.

Steven BosswellHelensvale

He was fast and efficient in his reply and gave me extra information about council trees that I didn't know and saved me money so his advice was much appreciated Friendly service when we had to have our trees trimmed as they were close to the house for storm season.

John JudgeBroadbeach

I had four extremely large trees that needed removing. They were able to remove them quickly and efficiently and he left the area clean. I would not hesitate to use their services again. John was very thorough and fastidious in his work, assuring we were happy before leaving. Very friendly service. Will definitely be used again.

Rubin KnealeBurleigh Waters, QLD

I had four extremely large trees that needed removing. They were able to remove them quickly and efficiently and he left the area clean. I would not hesitate to use their services again.

Kelli HoltCarrara

Quoted the job on a Saturday the day after I contacted him. He is a very friendly, personable character who I’d be happy to provide return business. The job was done the following week whilst I was at work and I returned to a tidy and clean garden bed which my strata neighbours complimented me on. Highly recommended.

Kara SotaTugun

Our Tree Services Guarantee

‘Tree Services Gold Coast’ has been built on the foundations of quality workmanship, honest advice and delivering what we promise.

When it Comes to Tree Maintenance on the Gold Coast

We Know What Needs to be Done

  • We deliver value for money.
  • We are flexible & competitive.
  • Our Arborist’s are well trained.
  • We ensure that no area is left untouched.
  • We care because we are family owned business.
  • We adhere to the ‘Australian Tree Standards’ checklist.
  • All our technicians have current up to date national police clearance.
  • We are capable of providing the best results in the most sensibly priced packages.
  • We are fully insured (up to $20 mil for public liability) to cover accidental damage or injury.
  • We have the highest standards of quality with the help of our established ‘Work Safe’ procedures.
  • We have spent over 25 years in building trust with our ongoing customers through hard work & excellent customer service on the Gold Coast.
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Storm Damage Services

Damage occurs in trees from storms in Summer. High intensity winds can break the tree from its roots, it can break from the middle or on major branches. Broken tree branches damage roofs, obstruct paths, and pose a risk to the people.

Green Waste Removal

Removing any amount of green waste from a property can be exhausting. With our green waste removal service, you won’t be overwhelmed. We can happily tackle any size green waste disposal job. We will leave your yard clean & tidy.

Tree Lopping Services

Large tree lopping or trimming or removal is normally performed by taking branches down piece by piece, top to bottom. Our experienced tree climbers can safely remove large trees from the most awkward places.

Some Tree Servicing Steps

  • Plan ahead / Clear the area / Safety gear on : There should be room around the tree for it to lay flat on the ground once it comes down. Estimate the height of the tree & clear the immediate area.
  • Examine the tree / Check the felling direction / Check for diseases : Note which way the tree leans naturally, this determines the best direction it should fall. With areas of decay, it could collapse easily.
  • Decide cutting technique : Depending on the size of the tree to be cut down, a handsaw, or for larger trees with a trunk of a foot or more require more power from a chainsaw.
  • Start the undercut / Prune the trunk : Cut a V-shape at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of the side you want the tree to fall on. This undercut should be about a quarter of the tree’s diameter deep.
  • Start the back cut : Opposite side of the tree & cut straight through about two inches above the undercut, releasing stress on the trunk.

Questions to ask a Tree Service Business

  • Are they a member of the Arborist Association of Aust?
  • Do they work to the Australian and REIQ Standards?
  • Have they completed appropriate training courses?
  • Do they have a workplace safety management plan?
  • Are they fully insured with a State Police clearance?
  • Do they offer multiple tree felling methods?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Do they have positive online reviews?
  • Is the business ‘owner operated’?

We supply the following range of Services

  • Tree Care : Environmental and nutritional requirements.
  • Tree Removal : Large tree removal is just one of our specialties.
  • Tree Pruning : Ongoing tree maintenance for tree health and safety.
  • Power Line Clearance : We are certified for pruning vegetation, tree trimming, around LV and HV power lines.
  • Stump Grinding : Large or small stump removals, stump grinding.
  • Cabling & Bracing : Installed to save significantly aged trees.
  • Arboricultural Consultation & Assessment : Reports & assessments on all tree types in Australia.
  • Vacant Lot Clearing : ‘Regulated’ removal of unwanted trees.
  • Storm Damage Service : Safe removal of damaged and fallen trees.
  • Firebreak : A fire break is generally 3 meter wide bare earth path around the outer edges of a property as per law.
  • Mulch Delivery : Contact us for free mulch.

Tree Technicians should do the following

  • Turn up in uniform and on time.
  • Be courteous and mindful of your home.
  • Safety gear used on all tree services jobs.
  • Perform tree maintenance to the highest standards.
  • Give you an upfront quote no hidden charges or gimmicks.
  • We take the time to understand your needs and develop solutions.
  • Build long-term loyalty by a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Tree disease prevention suggestions and advice given to the client.
  • When it comes to tree disease of any kind, eradication is a must.
  • We use the latest tree rot / disease detection equipment, & treatments.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

  • Pruning – Ensures that the tree continues to have good health.
  • Pruning – Removes broken, diseased, loose or dead branches.
  • Pruning – Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property – both residential and commercial.
  • Pruning – Clears obstructed views and allows pedestrians and vehicles to pass safely.
  • Pruning – Prevents trees from impacting communication cables and power lines.
  • Pruning – Reduces risks of accidents or hazards caused by extended or weak branches.
  • Pruning – Increases the value of your property.

Our Fire Break Services

  • A fire break is generally a 3 meter wide bare earth path around the outer edges of a property or structure but it may have to go 6 meters wide if it is adjacent to a highly populated area.
  • Fire breaks are required by State Law around a specified land area or structure, and the shires or councils inspect them regularly for compliance.
  • Our qualified tree services team can perform the full range of acreage firebreak clearing services from residential Gold Coast Hinterland acreage backyards to specialist commercial firebreak acreage vegetation slashing services.
  • We typically install firebreaks with skid steers or tractors with attachments on them such as disc ploughs, rake buckets or mulchers.

Palm Tree Cleaning & Sculpting

  • Pruning looks simple, but it affects the way a tree stores it’s food reserve, use of water, and how it behaves in various weather conditions, including defending itself in case of disease or insect / animal attacks.
  • Incorrect pruning will cause damage instead of good, and could even result in a very sick tree.
  • Palm cleaning can drastically change the appearance of your tree, and ultimately your garden.
  • Dead and dying palm fronds can be removed along with all palm seed pods, and the crown can be reshaped to give a clean, natural look.
  • Your garden will also be easier to keep clean without seeds and fruit constantly falling.

Tree Services Company of Choice

  • Our staff are friendly and courteous.
  • Tree maintenance removal is a serious business.
  • Fast service. All our trucks are equipped with the latest equipment.
  • Payment convenience with Visa & MasterCard options.
  • We are reliable! Never waste your time waiting for a tree service technician to show up again.
  • Our aim is to solve your tree problem the first time and make your experience as stress-free as possible.
  • Our team is licensed, insured and ready to deliver the best quality possible, we service commercial & residential properties.
  • Knowledge, Professionalism, Transparency, Integrity, Value, Affordable Prices.

Call now on 0435 501 041

‘Tree Services Gold Coast’ has been built on the foundations of quality workmanship, honest advice and delivering what we promise.