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Frequently Asked Questions – Tree Services

Question : Can I trim or remove a tree without obtaining a local council permit?
Answer : It is a good idea to get professional tree advice before trimming or removing a tree. Local council websites will have the information for tree management and rules, and there are many other factors which need to be known. We are always happy to advise whether council approval is required at the time of your quotation.

Some common valid reasons are:
A Tree within a few meters of a home.
Dead or dying trees.
Fallen tree limbs or drooping branches.

Question : Can you guide us with our local council tree service application?
Answer : Yes. We can help you identify the tree species, find and collect your local council’s tree preservation rules / order.

Question : How much does a tree job cost?
Answer : It usually depends on the tree type and size, the service required, and any unusual working area conditions. If special machines such as a high cherry pickers are needed it will to cost more.

For tree pruning, removal, general maintenance – quotes start from $220
Tree stump removal – quotes start from $95
Power line height clearance, area tree hazard reduction – quotes start from $240

Question : Will you remove all the tree waste?
Answer : Yes, we will remove all of the tree waste away as part of our quote price. If you would like the wood can be cut to firewood length pieces, or green mulch to use on your gardens. We leave your property cleaner than when we arrived. Check out the client reviews on our website.

Question : How do you keep my house and gardens safe?
Answer : All of our tree work it is completed in a controlled work manner, we always use ropes and pulleys to lower the cut branch limbs to the ground. This method helps us to work around any house obstacles. Our trained staff are very careful and will also move any near by objects in the work zone prior to any work starting, such as plant pots, and outdoor furniture.

If you have any more FAQ frequently asked questions on tree services please contact us for the detailed answers.

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