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Benefits of Being Tree Storm Ready

Thunderstorms have the potential to seriously damage, so it is important to protect your family and house from the impacts, so it’s best know the Benefits of Being Tree Storm Ready.

  • High winds which can bring down trees, branches, power lines, damage house roofs and toss around outdoor items, furniture.
  • Large and small hail may injure persons and damage property.
  • Lightning strikes may bring down trees, power lines and other tall items.
  • Heavy rainfall can cause water to damage unprepared houses, also making drains and gutters hazards.

Things to do after a storm?

  • Stay clear of trees and look for dangerous hanging tree limbs, downed power lines, broken branches and other dangerous things before starting any cleanup.
  • Keep people away from areas beneath damaged trees by sealing off the area with wheelie bins.
  • Contact a Tree Services Professional.

How to tell if my tree is dangerous?

Look for these signs:

  • Large dead or hanging branches in the tree.
  • Are fungus growing around the trunk or roots.
  • Large holes or tunnels in the trunk or main branches.
  • Leaves and branches are dropping in the summertime.

Suburban Responsibilities

As always talk to your neighbours before planting trees near the fence line or boundary.

Discussion between garden owners can be great in terms of shade, and produce privacy for each other.

Injured trees often are tangled with other trees or power lines, creating a dangerous area. Don’t remove any branches that have power lines running through them, call for emergency help. Special licenced training is required to cut tree branches near power lines.

Always Plan ahead

  • Create a thunderstorm emergency plan.
  • Get your emergency health living kit ready.
  • Trim or remove trees and branches near your house.

When the Storms a Coming, the Dog Comes a Running

  • Bring your pets indoors.
  • Check that next door is aware of any warnings and are ready.
  • Secure outdoor furniture or toys to a safe place.
  • Tie down loose items such as trailers and small boats.

Things that may Cause a Tree to get Storm Damage :

  • Root Rot, damage to stem or branches.
  • Uneven lopsided tree tops.
  • Trees with lots of small branches and twigs that create a wind sail.

Being storm ready is easy with Gold Coast Tree Services, please click here for a free quote and advice on the Benefits of Being Tree Storm Ready.