Benefits of Trees to Cool Homes

Benefits of Trees to Cool Homes. Trees and other large plants help cool your homes internal environment, making tree and plant vegetation a simple and cost effective way to help reduce urban heat islands.

Trees and green vegetation are very useful as a quality strategy when planted in certain locations around walls or to shade pavement in car parking lots and on roads. Planting trees to the west is most effective for cooling a homes wall, and if they shade windows and part of the homes roof.

When a molecule of water evaporates, it takes with it some heat that could otherwise be used to warm the nearby brick or concrete environment. Trees provide an evaporative cooling effect that can decrease local air temperatures by several degrees. This effect typically reaches its peak when evaporation levels are highest, mostly around noon.

Using tree and plant shade effectively requires you to know the size, shape, and location of the seasonal shadow that your tree surface area casts. You need to know what landscape shade strategies will work best in your regional climate and your local home microclimate.

Trees are available in the appropriate sizes, densities, and shapes for almost any shade requirements. To block-out solar heat in the heat of summer but let much of it in during the winter, use deciduous trees. To provide continuous shade or to block heavy winds, use dense evergreen trees or shrubs.

Plant trees far enough away from the home so that when they grow to maturity, so their root systems do not dam­age the footing foundation and branches do not damage the homes roof.

Trees and plants can also shade the ground and pavement around the home. This reduces heat radiation and cools the air before it reaches your home’s walls and windows. Use a large bush or row of shrubs to shade a patio or driveway. Plant a tree hedge to shade a foot sidewalk. Build a rack for climbing vines to shade a patio area.

Benefits of Trees to Cool Homes

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