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Using Trees to Cool

Using Trees to Cool is a good idea and they do a lot more than offer shade. They also act as small ecosystems and dividing areas of the landscape, and they also provide the benefits of clean fresh air. Tall trees has positive emotional benefits, and there are few better playgrounds than mature tree shade.

Trees have extensive, deep and shallow roots that can damage pipes and drains. Many trees can reach heights of 20 to 40 feet and have a large spread of branches. For domestic homes it’s best to plant the tree away from buildings and underground drainage.

Most plant and tree species offer several kinds of shade tolerant varieties for the home landscape. Check with your local nursery and they will advise you as  there are many kinds of trees and shrubs to choose from.

The best place to plant your plant or tree is on the sunny side of your yard, where it will provide the maximum shade protection from the sun. Most shade trees like the full sunlight for best growth.

A tree shading your air conditioner may save you around 10% on your electricity bill. There are heaps of small trees or tall plants that will do the job.

Which Are the Best Shade Trees and Plants for a House?

Good landscaping design with the right areas shaded by trees may keep your house cooler and save you from the strong sunlight during the summer.

Shade trees are as effective in keeping homes cool than curtains or blinds. Planting shade trees also reduces energy consumption.

Be careful not to plant any trees or plants too close to your homes concrete foundations, as the tree roots will break into the concrete creating a moist area for Termites to invade…be careful of this.

Using Trees to Cool Your Property is a smart thing to do for the environment.

If everyone planted 10 trees each on their property Australia would have a good start to climate change.

The state governments of Australia should have 10 free trees delivered and planted to every valid household in their respective states. Stop the public service and government members vehicle allowances for one year, this would pay for the free trees and planting costs.

If you are interested in having your home or business trees lopped, please click here for our Tree Services Gold Coast friendly staff to make an appointment.