Using Trees to Cool

Using Trees to Cool. Good trees do a lot more than offer shade. They act as miniature ecosystems while defining areas of the landscape, and they also provide the benefits of cleaner air. Being in the presence of tall trees has positive psychological benefits, and there are few better gifts to future generations than a mature tree shade provider.

The tree has extensive, shallow roots that can damage sewers and drains. Weeping willow trees can reach heights of 30 to 50 feet and have a similarly large spread. For residential use, plant the tree away from buildings and underground pipes.

Perfect Plants offers several kinds of partial shade tolerant trees for the home landscape. Unless your back yard is 100% shade all day and all year, there are many kinds of trees and shrubs to choose from.

The best place to plant your chosen tree is on the northern or western side of your property, where it will provide the greatest protection from the sun. Most shade trees – not unnaturally – prefer full sunlight for best growth.

Shading your air conditioner can save you around 10% on your electricity bill. There are plenty of small trees or tall shrubs that will do the job. Ask your local nursery for help.

What Are the Best Shade Trees for Close to a House?

Proper landscaping design with the right shade tree can help you keep your house cooler and preserve your safe haven from harsh sunlight during the summers?

You might be surprised to learn that shade trees are more effective in keeping homes cool than curtains or blinds. Not only that, planting shade trees also reduces energy consumption.

Using Trees to Cool

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